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Organizing Your Writing Life: Marketing

These are the tools I regularly use to organize my marketing:

✔️ Loomly is similar to Hootsuite or Buffer, in that you can create a single post and cross-publish to all your platforms. I've used multiple media schedulers, but let me tell you what I like about Loomly and why it's worth it to me:

  • I can create tags (like content buckets) to help keep my feed fresh and on topic.

  • I can add content to a content library if I know I want to post about it, but am not sure when.

  • It tells me when is the best day and time to post on specific platforms.

  • If I don't have images and such to go with a particular post, I can choose one from their library.

  • I can view my posts (and the tag/content bucket) each post belongs to on a calendar or in a list.

✔️ BookBrush lets me create book-related promotional images.

✔️ Canva, even the free version, is a fantastic, easy-to-use tool to create marketing images.

✔️ I download these images, then move them to one of two types of folders:

  • Marketing for general marketing images I may want to use again.

  • Story Name_Marketing, which is nestled inside the Story Name folder, for book-specific marketing items.

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