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Organizing Your Writing Life: Finances

For the last nine years I've been organizing my finances in one way, and just this year have changed to a new method. Since we used TurboTax for our taxes this year, I got QuickBooks: Self-Employed for free. So far, so good!

But before QuickBooks, I've always loved using Google Drive to organize my finances. Here's how I did it:

  • I create a folder called Money (or whatever)

  • I create a folder dated with the year, "Money_2020", nestled inside the Money folder

    • Inside that folder, I have another folder called "Receipts_2020" and an Expenses spreadsheet

    • Whenever I make a business purchase, I take a photo of my receipt and name it with it's category (Dining, Post Office, etc.) and the date. Then I log the expense in my spreadsheet when I get a chance.

  • I also keep a Sales & Inventory spreadsheet that I keep inside the Money folder.

It all works pretty slick! How do you organize your finances?



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