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NaNo at the Dojo

If you have suddenly realized that National Novel Writing Month is right around the corner and you're not prepared, my office hours plus virtual write-in's might be just what you're looking for to quickly get you ready for November 1st, and to help you stay accountable and showing up for the words all NaNo long.

Open House/Office Hours

There's a reason I'm a story development coach, and it's not only that it's my favorite thing to do, ever. I'm really, really good at it. Let me prove it to you!

Come join me at my "office" over the next ten days and put me to the test. Totally free, no catch....ohhhhkay, maybe one catch. I'll either want you to join my Facebook group, the StoryNinja Dojo, or give me your email address so I can send you emails. Reason being that I need a way to give you information I don't want shared on the interwebs.

These office hours are first-come, first-served, "open door", and available to you anytime within the time frame. So pop in whenever you can/want, learn by asking questions of your own, or by listening to others work through their preparation.

I won't be teaching per se, but I will be answering questions which might turn into mini-lessons.

Join my group on Facebook, or send me your email address to access the office hours free of charge.

Virtual Write-Ins

Beginning at 12:01 Mountain Daylight Time on November 1st, join other writers, night or day, at the Dojo's dedicated write-in zoom channel.

Once you have registered, you'll receive a passcode to let you into the Write-In Room at your convenience. Invite your friends and make an event out of it.

The Write-Ins will be whatever you make of them; sprints, accountability groups, or simply silent partners.

Daily/Weekly Check-Ins

Choose how you'd like to be accountable, whether in the FB group or via email, and whether you'd like to report daily or weekly. It's all customizable to help you have the best, most successful and most enjoyable NaNo yet.

What Should You Do Now?

Decide how you'd like to participate, then click on the appropriate button to get started!


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