I never intended to have a “for writers” section on my site. I never really felt like I had awesome skills, knowledge or expertise to share, ya know? I just keep my head down and do what I do, lol. But IndieReCon, and a few other things, helped me to see that I know more than I think I do! And maybe what I know will be of use to you.

*Note* Some of the links are external–to friends’ sites or other resources I’ve found useful.

General Writing:

“Pump Up Your Writing!” ~ A fitness routine for writers.
“Writing with Abandon” ~ How writing with abandon can improve the stories you tell.
“Farming for Ideas” ~ A stream of consciousness exercise.
“The Trick to Writing a Tale Based on a Known Mythology” ~ What writing the Desolation series taught me about worldbuilding.
“The Value of Rest in Writing” ~ How to get the most out of your writing.
“That Magic Moment: Realizing Rejection is Not About Me” ~ Rejection. Don’t take it personally.
How to Write Action Scenes that Pack a Punch ~ Use the POW formula to write action scenes that really kick butt.

Outlining via Save the Cat (My favorite writing resource):

“What the Heck is a Beat Board?” ~ I reveal my story-building secrets.
“Preparing for NaNo the Save the Cat Way, Part 1” ~ Prepare your novel for fast drafting, using the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet.
“Preparing for NaNo the Save the Cat Way, Part 2” ~ Part two of how you can outline your novel using Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet.
“The Opening Image” ~ How to get your book started using Beat One in Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet.
“Writing a Trilogy, Part 1: Book 1” ~ The first in Elana’s how-to series.
“Writing a Trilogy, Part 2: Book 2” ~ The second in Elana’s how-to series.
“Writing a Trilogy, Part 3: Book 3” ~ The third and final in Elana’s how-to series.



“The Cutting Table” ~ The importance of cutting the excess from your novel.
“Editing Your Manuscript in 30 Days or Less” ~ Elana Johnson tells how to get it done!
JenHendricks.com ~ my own editor


NovakIllustration.com ~ I’ve used Steven for my Desolation Diaries books. He’s very speedy and great to work with!
WalkingStickBooks.com ~ Dale Pease did the Desolation covers and the stunning Blood Crown cover. Love him!
InsideMikeysWorld.com ~ Mikey Brooks is an illustrator and cover designer. He created the cover for The Swift. He is spectacular.



“Blogging: An Online Representation of Your Writing” ~ Blogging provides an opportunity to showcase your writing style.
“A Totally Twitter Tuesday” ~ A Twitter tutorial.
“Building an Author Brand” ~ My presentation on building a brand and using it in social media.
“Building an Author Brand: Chat” ~ Replay the chat I held with aspiring and published authors about building a brand.


The Writer’s Life:

“Creating a Schedule You Can Live With” ~ How I figure out what’s most important.

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