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Thank you for visiting my blog! I know there are a million other places you could be, so I’m grateful.

Here I hope you’ll find a safe place to be yourself and that you’ll take a bit of hope and happiness with you.

I have a bit of a routine I try to stick to–Mondays I like to blog about whatever’s on my mind. Sometimes I’m a little melodramatic. 😛 Wednesdays are “Writer Wednesdays”; I like to try to share stuff I’ve learned, in case it’s helpful to you. Fridays are for “Fan Friday”; I love to share books I’ve read or want to read. I’d love it if you shared what you’re reading, too!

I’m the author of six books and three novellas. The Desolation series is definitely the one closest to my heart because it tells the story of Desolation Black, a girl who thinks all the mistakes of her past have defined who she will become. I’ve also written two middle grade books, both starring twin boys, under the pen name Alex Banks–though I’m currently undergoing a little rebranding and these books will now be under the name Ali Banks Cross.

I love to speak at writer conferences, teen groups, libraries, schools, and wherever else I can help and inspire. Teaching is fun and helps fulfill the performer in me.

Before I started writing, before I became a mom, I was an opera singer for Opera Idaho. It was awesome! I loved singing and performing.

Even though I grew up thinking motherhood was pointless and marriage was meaningless, I’m now happily married (almost 25 years!) and the mother to two “miracle babies”—now sixteen years old (boys!).

I’m Canadian, but we live in Utah with a tortoiseshell cat named Winifred (called Fred after a character in the old show Angel), and the furry love-of-my-life, Rocky—a precious little Yorkshire Terrier.rocky

I call myself the writing ninja because I was obsessed with watching Bruce Lee movies and wanted to be like Cynthia Rockrock when I grew up. But I ended up getting fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome so my dreams of being a kick-butt karate warrior were never fulfilled. Then I realized—I can write kick-butt stories and the story-ninja was born!

I hope you’ll stick around, read my blog (I love comments!) and take a chance on my books. Lookin’ forward to getting to know you!